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Scania R-series


The ultimate in power, space and comfort.


Scania R-series trucks give drivers the optimum range of cabs for long distance haulage and other transport duties with few stops. Spacious, comfortable and powerful, these top-of-the-line trucks are meant to take on the most demanding jobs, and the most challenging routes.


Only Scania R-series trucks can be fitted with a Scania V8 engine. This alone makes the R-series exceptional. Also exclusive to the R-series is Scania Topline - the largest, most impressive long-haulage cab produced by Scania. Add to this an R day cab and three additional sleepers, and you get our most powerful, most comfortable and complete truck range ever.


As with all Scania trucks, the R-series can be specified with a long list of options including chassis height, suspension systems and axle configurations.


Scania R-series Models

Scania P-series


Scania P-series trucks offer a lightweight, manoeuvrable and fuel-efficient range of configurations.


Typical applications include construction, regional and local distribution as well as short-range transportation and services. This model range is equipped with P cabs, which are available in five versatile formats: three sleepers, a day cab and one short cab.


All five cabs provide high-standard working accommodations within compact dimensions. For high-volume payloads and frequent stops and starts, Scania P-series trucks give drivers both ample working space and easy cab access. And each is available with any of a number of high-torque Scania inline engines, up to 420 hp.


Aside from reduced weight and extra payload space, a shorter cab is ideally suited to congested urban streets and hectic construction sites. It allows for optimal axle placement, when a tight turning radius is an absolute necessity.  This, together with the quick acceleration of a lightweight Scania inline, helps to cut journey times in any fast-paced driving environment.



Scania P-series Models



Scania trucks always have that little bit extra as standard, making them the natural choice of drivers and operators everywhere.


Transport is a trust business. People count on you to get there on time, day in and day out. But reliability and uptime don’t come out of thin air. They come from Scania’s long tradition of delivering exactly what your business needs. With a wealth of choices and an array of modular configurations, the possibilities are endless. Make it a good experience. Make it a Scania.








Scania G-series

More space. More power. More comfort.


The G-series range of Scania trucks brings a new level of comfort to drivers engaged in national long-haulage, distribution and virtually all types of construction applications. All models are equipped with a spacious G cab, and each is available as a tractor or rigid.


Scania G-series trucks are available with five cab variants: three sleepers, a day cab and a short cab. They represent a step up from the P-series, in terms of interior space and engine compatibility. This means not only added storage room and more comfortable accommodation. It also allows drivers to choose an inline engine of up to 490 hp – more than enough strength for the majority of on- and off-road duties.


The many combinations of chassis, engine and cab offer further choices, from gearbox options and frame strength to chassis height and suspension systems. Whichever components you choose, you can always expect powerful, economical performance.


Scania G-series Models